Your host family abroad

A lovely host family is an important part of a successful exchange.

Host families are proud of their country and would like to show you more of their country, their culture and their way of life. There are host families who have already taken in an exchange student, but there are also families who are doing this for the first time.


Does the ideal host family exist?

Of course it does! If you talk to our former students they will tell you that it exists, but of course this is subjective. Maybe you’re dreaming of a host family with siblings of about the same age who go to the same school. Or maybe you’re thinking of a family without children, but with a lot of pets? Our partners do their best to find a suitable family for you.

Most importantly, the host family suits you, regardless of its composition.

The ideal host family is a family that understands you and where you feel comfortable. Cordiality and hospitality in your host country open the door to a second home.


Where do host families live?

This depends a lot on your chosen destination. Most host families live in suburbs, small towns or rural areas. This is also more fun because you will connect with other people faster in a small community.

The host families are very interested and would like to share their living habits with you. In smaller countries such as Ireland and Scotland, you are often placed closer to larger cities. In large countries, the big cities are often far apart. In America, the chance that you will be placed near a large city is therefore very small. For some destinations, you can indicate a region, state or school preference. Then you can choose what suits you.

A good attitude

Your attitude towards the host family is an important basis for your exchange program. In order for the placement with the family to succeed, a lot of openness, curiosity and adaptability is expected of you. The family will not treat you as a guest, but will take you in as a new family member.

Exchange students are often afraid that the host family will not meet expectations. But of course the host families also hope that you adapt to their way of life, that you feel good with them and have a very nice time. So that means that everyone may have reservations but in the end everyone will be happy and enjoy this special experience. 


Motivation of the host families

The host families volunteer for idealistic reasons. They are proud of their country and eager to share their way of life to others.

That’s why they open their doors and include an exchange student in their lives. In some countries including New Zealand, Canada, England and Spain, a financial allowance is common.

Screening host families

Host families who want to take a student into the home must also apply. The families fill out forms, are visited by our partners and references are requested. In some countries, including America and Australia, it is common for proof of good behaviour to be requested from all adult family members.

Only when the host family has gone through this extensive screening can they take in an exchange student. The host families are chosen irrespectively of their race, religion or profession.


Assistance in your host family

In case of questions or problems, your first point of contact is your host family or your local coordinator. They know the family, the school and the environment best and are there to help you.

Our partner organisation is also there to help you. They are in direct contact with into. In addition, you will receive a 24-hour emergency number from our partner that you can call in case of an emergency.