United States: Our number one destination for academic exchanges 

Prom, sports, team spirit: 5 or 10 months, 15-19 years old

The United States is a fantastic country to live in for your exchange year, with its excellent High Schools, colleges, universities and amazing cities. Many students dream of experiencing the typical “American way of life” and living the “spirit” of an American High School.


School year in the United States

USA is our students favourite destination and it has been number one for many years. Would you like to live the real life of an American high school, with American football and cheerleaders and discover if High School is really the way we see it in American movies? There is only one way to find out: go to the United States yourself!

One of the many advantages of studying there is that your English will improve dramatically, and so you will have a great advantage when applying for a good job later on in your professional life. Good companies like you to be able to speak at least two or more languages, and your studies in America will add a lot to your curriculum vitae. In addition, after your stay, you will be a much more independent person with an excellent level of English.

Drie tienermeisjes gekleed in mooie roze en paarse jurken voor diploma-uitreiking met grappige zonnebril


  • Welcome camp in New York
  • Choice of region or state
  • Prom
  • Halloween, Thanksgiving and more
  • Many sports and activities throughout the school year


School year
10 months August
Classic € 13,980. Select, starting at € 24,980
5 months January or August
Classic € 11,980, Select from € 19,980

High School in USA

Studying in an American High School is a truly unique experience. As a student in America, you will be able to become a member of many groups and student clubs and thus participate in all kinds of activities in which you will make friends from all over the world. These friendships will last your whole life. You will have an unforgettable experience.

Daily life in High School is an important part of your stay in America. On a normal school day, a school bus will pick you up in the morning, unless you live nearby or have your own means of transportation. Classes start around 8 in the morning and after three or four classes, there is a lunch break. You can eat well and cheaply in the dining room. Classes end around 3 p.m. Every day you will have the same subjects, so it is very important that you think very carefully about the subjects you choose. Your Dean will help you choose them and will also guide you throughout the school year.

The school year consists of two semesters. The first semester begins in August/September and the second in January/February. The U.S. secondary education system lasts 12 years and, as an exchange student, you will be in the 10º, 11º or 12º “grade”. An hour of class lasts about 60 minutes and then you change classrooms for the next subject. Since everyone has different subjects, this means that every day you will receive classes with different groups of students (also of different ages).

You will be able to choose from many interesting subjects such as carpentry, dramatic art, photography, debate or leadership, as well as develop your own talents! There are also some compulsory subjects such as English and “American History”.

The goal of high schools in the U.S. is not only to prepare students to work or continue studying, but also to discover and promote students personal talents. By choosing many special subjects, you will have a great opportunity to get to know certain fields of study in advance. It’s a good way to see if you really want to continue studying.


Sports and Leisure

In addition to normal classes, many schools offer extracurricular activities. These activities are voluntary in the afternoons and are the perfect opportunity to make new friends and discover your new talents.

The time you spend at your high school is the source of the “American school spirit” that we know so well. This is especially evident in the sports competitions that take place between the different high schools. The games are attended by many fellow students and enthusiastic parents. Even in the evenings, the school is often open for extracurricular activities such as concerts, theatre performances and parties. The highlight of the year is the prom, or graduation dance, an impressive and very festive end to the school year.

Outside of high school and school life there is also a lot on offer. Young Americans like to go shopping in a real “mall” or go to the cinema. There are also many national parks where you can go hiking, mountain biking, sailing and much more.

Welcome Camp

As an exchange student in the US, you will participate in our wonderful  orientation* in New York. It is the unique beginning of your program and you will get to know the “American Way of Life” together with other international students. Among other things, you will visit the Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, Ground Zero, Central Park and Times Square. There will also be workshops and free time to go shopping. A great start for your exchange!

Excursions and Short Trips

Would you like to combine your high school adventure with locally organised trips? Well, yes. These trips can be booked through our partner organisation in America. Do you want more information? Please contact our office.

Prices: What's included and excluded?

Included in the price:

► Personal interview
► Good preparation and guidance
► Orientation weekend
► Information afternoon for parents
into T-shirt
► Participant’s manual
► Manual for parents
► Advice and assistance for visa application
► Airport departure service
► Round-trip ticket to the host country
► Welcome camp in New York
► Reception at the final destination
► Transfer to the selected host family
► Accommodation with the selected host family, including meals
► Placement in a local secondary school
► Local guidance and support throughout the stay abroad
► Assistance at home during the participant’s stay abroad
► Emergency phone number: available 24 hours a day 
► Upon request: personal contact with an into returnee
► Welcome home mailing
► Certificate of participation in the into programme
► Progress reports for parents
► Participation in the into returnee club

► Insurance expenses: medical, accident, civil liability 

Not included in the price:

► Pocket money and personal expenses; € 200 / € 250 per month
► Administrative enrolment fee of €100.
► Vaccination costs
► Excursions or trips organised locally by the organisation or school (optional)
► Visa fees and SEVIS fee
► Local expenses (if any): textbooks, school lunch, sports exam, sports clothes and sports equipment
► Possible change of date of the plane ticket (always after consultation with into)

Why chose into?


  • We have more than 40 years of experience
  • The excellence of our programs and the sense of responsibility of our partners prevail.
  • Our former exchange students are always there to support you at every moment.
  • into t-shirt
  • Initial personal meeting with the Manager in Malaga
  • Meetings with former into students



In the United States, we have several programs to choose from. In all High School programs, you will be supervised by a local coordinator and you will live with a host family. Will you choose a full school year or would you prefer half a year? Everything is possible with into. Check the options below.

USA Classic

In the Classic program students are placed throughout America. Only when we receive your placement do we know where you are going. Its always a pleasant surprise! We have great experience with placements in all states.

If you wish to choose a specific region or state you may do so by paying a special fee. Our partner organisation will do everything possible to find a suitable school and host family in that region or state. You will only pay the extra fee if you are actually placed in the region you chose.  If you would like to know the prices please contact us by email. 

You cannot be more than 18 and a half years old when you arrive in America and have not graduated from your own secondary school.

Host families in the USA do not receive any compensation for hosting you, they register for idealistic reasons. They are proud of their country and would like to show others their own way of life. For this reason they open their doors and welcome an exchange student into their family.

USA Select Basic

Do you like surprises, but also good value, guidance and high-quality education? Then the Select Basic Program is just the program for you. With this program, you tell us if you want to go to a public or private school and its possible to go for longer than a year. You will be assigned a school based on your preference. The Select Basic team will carefully study your application. It is also possible to obtain a High School diploma in this program. If you are interested, let us know.

In the Select Basic program, the maximum age for arrival in the United States is 19 years.

In the Select Basic program, you will also live in a volunteer host family. 

USA Select Basic PLUS


The Select Basic PLUS program is very similar to the Select Basic program. However, with this program you have the opportunity to choose two schools from a list of seven schools. Our partner in the United States is committed to placing you in the first school you prefer. You can choose between 2 private boarding schools, 4 private day schools and 1 public day school. You can also stay in America for more than a year. Sometimes it is also possible to obtain a High School diploma in this program. Let us know if you are interested.

In the Select Basic PLUS program, the maximum age is 19 years old upon arrival in America.

To know what sort of schools and where they in America send an email to info@into-education.es and request information.

In the Select Basic PLUS program, you will stay in a volunteer host family. 


USA Select Choice

Do you want to have full control over the school and the city where you will spend your adventure in high school? Then opt for the Select Choice program. Here, you choose exactly which institute you will attend. You can choose between centres in many states. You can choose a centre for its location, but also for what it offers in terms of subjects, sports or other activities. There is a wide variety of public High School, but it is also possible to go to a private school. In addition, you can also prepare the a High School diploma for more than a year. 

In the Select Choice program, the maximum age is 19 years old upon arrival in the United States.

Are you interested in this program? Then send an email to info@into-eduction.es to request the list of participating schools.

Part of the costs of the program are the tuition fees you have to pay to the institute you have chosen to attend. The host family receives compensation for you as an exchange student. However, when selecting host families, we check in detail that they do so from an idealistic point of view. They are proud of their country and would like to show their own way of life to others. This is the reason why they open their doors to an exchange student and accept him in his family.

Do you want to know what schools they are and where in the United States they are located? Send an email to info@into-education.es and request general information.