The Western Cape : amazing nature and fascinating culture

Ocean, outdoor sports, fine dining. Stays of 3, 5, 9, or 11 months 14-18 years

During your exchange year in South Africa, you will stay in Cape Town or a nearby town close to the Garden Route. The City and the Garden Route are the most iconic places in the country, highlighted by Table Mountain, the ocean and incredible scenic beauty. Discover magical beaches and forests, tranquil lagoons, fishing villages and coastal towns.


Exchange year in South Africa

You will have the opportunity to improve your English and learn a lot about a new culture. In South Africa, as in Spain, family is very important, so you will be welcomed with open arms. During your stay in South Africa, you will visit the beautiful natural surroundings and you can even learn how to surf. Are you ready for the South African culture, the wonderful nature and the warm host families?

You might think that South Africa is not a safe place for exchange students? Our experience is quite the opposite. South Africa is still quite an unknown country, but full of breathtaking beauty and nature, where into works with a fully experienced management organisation that selects our host families according to the highest standards of safety and quality. All the students who have been there have been deeply impressed and have created lifelong bonds with this beautiful continent.

Jonge vrouw met zonnebril staat voor een olifant en houdt zijn slurf vast
Gemengde groep tieners op een wandeltocht voor een berglandschap en een bord met de tekst "Plattenkip Gorge".
Twee tienermeisjes staan arm in arm en dragen schooluniformen in Zuid-Afrika



  • Stay near Cape Town or the Garden Route
  • Improve your English and have the opportunity to learn some Afrikaans
  • Participate in a lot of outdoor activities
  • Study in a multicultural environment
  • In South Africa we have two programmes to choose from.
  • On all programmes for secondary school students, you will be supervised by a local coordinator and live with a host family.
  • Are you going for a full school year or would you prefer half a school year? Check out the options below.


School Year – 9 months

January, April or July

Classic € 14.980    

School year – 11 months

January, April or July

Classic € 16.980 

Semester – 5 months

January, April or July 

Classic € 12.980

One Term – 2 or 3 months

January, April or July

Classic € 10.980 

Programmes: South Africa Classic and South Africa Classic Plus

South Africa Classic

On the Classic South Africa programme, our students stay in and around Cape Town or on the Garden Route. Once you have registered your application, we will receive confirmation of your host family’s location. Only when we receive your placement do we know exactly where you are going.

High School in South Africa

You will study in a school where English is spoken and where students from many different cultures are present. As well as Maths and English, there are music subjects on offer and did you know that you can also take Afrikaans? Extracurricular activities are very popular and you can join a music group or a sports group – you won’t be bored!

Sports and leisure

Together with your host family, your new friends and other exchange students, you will have the opportunity to explore a large part of Cape Town and enjoy its beautiful natural surroundings with wonderful beaches and picturesque parks. There you can discover its rich culture by visiting the local markets.

Welcome Camp

During the first two weeks of your stay in Cape Town, you will meet at least twice with other exchange students and our partner organisation. They will explain the rules to be followed to ensure a safe stay in South Africa and you will learn a few things about the culture together with other students. It’s a fun way to get to know each other and discover the country.

Trips and excursions

Would you like to combine your academic experience with locally organised trips? Yes, you would!  These trips are fun and original and offer you unique extra activities. They have to be booked with our partner organisation so if you would like more information, please contact our Manager in Malaga.

Prices: What is included?

 Included in the price

  • Personal first interview in Malaga
  • Orientation weekend with session for parents
  • Into T-shirt
  • Student handbook and parent handbook
  • Advice and assistance with visa applications
  • Airport departure service
  • Return ticket
  • Welcome to Cape Town
  • Reception at final destination
  • Transfer to the host family
  • Accommodation with host family
  • Breakfast and dinner with host family during the week and lunch included on weekends
  • Enrolment at a local secondary school
  • Guidance and local support throughout your stay abroad
  • Emergency telephone number available 24 hours a day
  • On request: personal contact with a former into student
  • Course completion certificate
  • Progress reports for parents
  • Participation in the into Alumni Club
  • Medical, accident and liability insurance

Not included in the price:

  • For South Africa, there is an additional fee for local insurance at the time of visa application.
  • Pocket money and personal expenses; € 200 – 250 per month.
  • Vaccination costs before departure
  • Excursion costs organised by the school or by our partner organisation, all of which are optional.
  • Visa fees (including the cost of some local insurance).
  • Local costs (if any): textbooks, lunch at school, sports test, uniform and sports equipment
  • Additional costs for any change of return ticket (always in consultation with into).

Why choose into?

  • We have more than 40 years of experience
  • The excellence of our programmes and the responsibility of our partners are paramount.
  • Our former into students are always there to support you every step of the way.
  • into T-shirt 
  • Initial one-to-one meeting with the Manager in Malaga
  • Meetings with other into returnees