At into, we think good preparation for your year abroad is very important.

This will help you get off to a good start and you will know what to expect during your exchange abroad.

Personal Meeting

The first step in the application process is an introductory meeting with our Manager in Malaga. We invite you and your parents to an extensive personal interview. This first conversation allows us to get to know you and give you all the information you need. This meeting is non-binding and is free of charge and can be held in different locations. It can also be done via Zoom/Skype, although we prefer to talk to you in person.


Create your profile

After completing your on-line application and your personal  interview, you can begin to fill out the application forms of our partner organisation in the country of your destination. We will ask you about things like your hobbies and interests, you’ll write a note to your future host family and include a letter of recommendation from your school, as well as proof of your vaccinations. This information will enable our partner organisation to look for a suitable host family and school for you. 

Once your application is approved, you will receive our official confirmation. We will usually have information about your host family in May, June or July. But very occasionally you may only get your placement just before your departure. So exciting!

Pre Departure Seminar (PDS)

into is convinced that good preparation is an essential part of a successful exchange programme. For this reason we hold an orientation weekend, or PDS, for all participants about two months before departure. 
At the PDS you will receive information about the High School program and you will prepare for your exchange by attending workshops. The PDS is largely guided by former into students and you will have the opportunity to ask them any questions you have. It is also the perfect chance to make your first new friendships with other into students.
In our workshops we encourage our participants to be open to the new ways of life and customs of the host country. In addition, we give advice to our students so that they know what they might have to do in certain situations; for example, if they are homesick. During the orientation weekend there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and listen to the experiences of former students.

Information meeting for parents/carers

On the last day of the PDS, there is an information meeting for parents/carers. During this meeting we prepare the parents/carers for their child’s departure. We provide practical information as well as pay attention to  communication issues, cultural differences and new cultural norms. Our experience is that parents/carers play a major role in the success of their child’s exchange programme. 

Your Placement

Then there is the moment when we receive your host family placement, and the name of the school where you will go to have your adventure abroad! This is always a very  exciting moment! We will call you immediately and then send all the information to you. After this you can contact your host family and start getting to know them. This is also very comforting for your parents to feel that they know something about your host family. In the meantime we will be working on your insurance and flight details. You can also apply for your visa now (if necessary) and of course we will help you with that.

Your Journey

Finally the day of your departure arrives and you’ve probably repacked your suitcase 10 times, but you’re really ready now. Finding the right check-in desk, handing in your suitcase, saying goodbye to your friends and family and then your big adventure will finally really start!

Welcome Camp

Virtually all destinations start with a Welcome Camp.

During the welcome camp in your new country you have the chance to get used to the new language together with other international exchange students. You will attend various workshops and will receive tips and advice about your exchange. In addition, fun excursions are organised and there is always plenty of time for sightseeing and shopping. 

Further preparation

In addition to all the above, you will receive a regular newsletter, a handbook (one for students and one for parents) and other material and advice so that you can properly prepare for your upcoming exchange! And of course we are always ready to receive you and your parents in the office with information or help.