New Zealand: an adventurous country with a relaxed atmosphere

Golden beaches, relaxed atmosphere, outdoor barbecues: 3, 5, 9 or 12 months, 14-18 years old

This is the land of the Lord of the Rings, golden beaches, glaciers, outdoor sports, an important international influence and where the seasons are the opposite to here. Welcome to New Zealand!


Exchange year in New Zealand

In New Zealand every day is different. The country has countless natural parks, each one enormously different from the other. Volcanos, geysers, virgin forests, rugged coasts, golden beaches, fjords and glaciers. What can’t be found there? Of course, there are other countries with equally  stunning nature, but in a relatively small area, this place is quite unique.

New Zealanders are known as Kiwis and are incredibly, friendly, welcoming and super relaxed. They offer immediate help if you need to find an address, for example, and they are very open to chatting so its easy to have a conversation with them. 

Vrouwelijke uitwisselingsstudent maakt een wandeling op een klif in Nieuw Zeeland met haar gastmoeder en gastzus
Drie tienermeisjes in blauwe schooluniformen staan samen voor één huis
Tienermeisje met haar gastmoeder zittend op een klif boven een stad in Nieuw Zeeland



  • Auckland Welcome Camp
  • Christmas in a bikini or swimming costume
  • Lots of sports and outdoor activities
  • Lots of variety of subjects at school
  • Unspoilt and wild nature


School year
11/12 months January or July
Classic € 16.980 Select € 24.980
School year
9 months January, April or July
Select € 19.980
5 months January, April or July
Classic € 13.980  Select € 15.980 euros

2/3 months January, April or July
Select € 12.980


High School in New Zealand

A year of Baccalaureate in New Zealand offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the English language while exploring this beautiful country. New Zealand schools also organise many extracurricular activities for their students.

Education in New Zealand is very good. The school year begins in February and ends in November/December and is divided into 4 “quarters”. Students study between 5 and 6 subjects, some of which are compulsory and others you can choose such as tourism, photography and design. In each “quarter” you can select new additional subjects. There will be many international students in your high school and it is very likely that you will have to wear a uniform. That way you won’t have to worry about what to wear in the mornings. 

Sport and leisure

The schools tend to offer a wide range of sports that you can choose from. Some examples are softball, rowing, table tennis, hockey, basketball, rugby, athletics, golf and many more.  
In addition, outside school you will have the opportunity to join sports clubs or youth clubs. In fact all outdoor sports are possible and the schools often take their students into the countryside to do fun activities outdoors in the nature. Each region has its own flora and fauna, from rivers to mountains, glaciers and even volcanoes. 

Welcome Camp

The Auckland camp is the ideal start of your New Zealand adventure. You will visit several highlights, such as the Sky Tower, the Auckland Museum, a Maori show and Mount Eden.

Excursions and short trips

Would you like to combine your high school adventure with locally organised trips? Well, yes. These short trips can be booked through our partner company in New Zealand. Do you want more information? Contact our office in Malaga.

Costs: What is excluded and included?

 Included in our price

► A personal introductory meeting.

► Good preparation and orientation

► Orientation weekend for participants 

► Information evening for parents

into T-shirt

► Participant’s handbook

► Handbook for parents

► Advice and assistance for visa application 

► Airport departure service

► Return ticket to and from the host country

► Welcome camp in Auckland

► Meet and greet at final destination

► Transfer to the selected host family

► Accommodation with the selected host family, including meals 

► Placement in a local secondary school

► Guidance and local support throughout the stay abroad

► Assistance at home during the participant’s stay abroad 

► Emergency telephone number: available 24 hours a day for questions/problems in the host country

► On request: personal contact with a returnee from into

► Welcome home postcard delivery

► Certificate of participation into

► Progress reports for parents

► Membership in the into returnee club.

► Insurance: medical, accident and liability insurance.

Not included in our price:

► Administrative registration fee of €100.

► Pocket money and personal expenses; € 200,- / 250,- per month
► Vaccination expenses
► Excursions or trips organised locally by the organisation or the school (optional)
► Visa costs
► Local expenses (optional): textbooks, school uniform, school lunch, school transport, sports equipment and supplies
► Possible change of date of airline ticket (always in consultation with into )

Why chose into?


  • We have more than 40 years of experience
  • The excellence of our programs and the sense of responsibility of our partners prevail.
  • Our returnees are always there to support you at every moment.
  • into t-shirt
  • Initial and individualized meeting with the Manager in Malaga
  • Meetings with other into returnees


In New Zealand we have two different programs to choose from. In all programs, you will be supervised by a local coordinator and you will live with a host family. Are you going to choose a full school year programme or would you prefer a shorter stay? Everything is possible with into! Check the options below.

Nueva Zelanda Classic

In the Classic program, most of our students will live in quiet, small cities or rural areas. Here you will interact with the local people right away and you will quickly feel at home.

Host families are proud of their country and want to show others their own way of life. That is the reason why they open their doors to an exchange student and welcome him into his family with great affection.


New Zealand Select


In the select program you can choose your school from three different options.

You can choose a school according to its location, what it offers in terms of subjects, sports or other activities or according to its size. You can choose from the following schools

– Manawatu College in Foxton (Northern New Zealand)

– Cullinane College in Whanganui (Northern New Zealand)

– Gore High School in Gore (Southern South)

Contact us for more information.