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Bringing students to Spain since 1974

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Become part of the network of INTO families who have been hosting international students for more than 4 decades. Help to change the lives of young people through the unique experience of living in an authentic Spanish speaking family while attending a local secondary school for one, two or three terms.

What you get

We bring you in contact with the nicest young people from all over the world and  cover all your costs.


 By hosting an international student you will not only change their lives, but also your own life and those of your family,  through the unique experience of learning more about their culture – first hand.

Fair conditions

We offer good and fair conditions for your caring efforts as well as providing help and support from our local coordinators and managers from beginning to end. 

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How it works

Exchange student INTO Education UK

We select our exchange students and our host families through a careful screening process in order to make sure that both you and our exchange students have a great and safe experience together.

How about

A life changing experience 

Hosting a young international secondary school student will open yours and other peoples eyes to other cultures and you will also learn how other people see our culture. This exchange of ideas and ways of life is a highly rewarding experience for you and your family. Some host parents tell us that their own children have been inspired by the experience and have opted to take modern foreign languages as a new school subject. 

Since 1974

One of the first organisations to bring foreign students to Spain, and later to Europe and now worldwide.  

Exchange student playing basketball with host father

Our students

Come from all over the world. They are extraordinary young people who are curious, courageous and open minded.

Great people

Great people meet great people and benefit from each other

Our host families

Our host families are wonderful, caring people who help change young lives and take a step towards peace through international understanding

group of INTO students playing piano

About us

It all started with a dream

Into Education started as a small one-man business in 1974, bringing the first Italian exchange students to other countries. Since then, more than 10,000 secondary school students have travelled abroad with into. Despite the fact that internet and mobile phones connect  people instantaneously nowadays, we know that nothing can be more exciting than bringing real people together and creating  a unique experience. This is our aim to help promote international peace and understanding.

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