Hungary: a land of many cultures and special traditions

Unspoilt nature, Goulash, Vibrant culture 3, 5 or 10 months 14-18 years old

A hodgepodge of cultures! In Hungary, the influences of Western and Eastern Europe converge, creating a colourful history.


Exchange year in Hungary

Every season in Hungary is celebrated, if not to chase away winter, then to greet spring or to give thanks for a good harvest. The country has three types of landscape: the low-lying areas of the ‘Great Plain’ in the east, central and south-west of the country and the ‘Small Plain’ in the north-west; the northern mountain ranges, including Hungary’s highest peak (the 1015-metre Kekesteto) and the hilly areas of Transdanubia in the west and south-west of the country.

Although Hungarians are similar to us in many ways, you notice that they sometimes experience things differently. For instance, Hungarian young people have a lot of respect for older people. There are also different ways of greeting someone, depending on who it is. It takes a while to get used to this. The grandparents play an important role and head the family, the ‘mama’ (grandmother) is often visited and spoils everyone with typical Hungarian specialities. Many locals speak German and/or English as a second language.



  • Mixture of cultures
  • Many natural parks
  • Water sports in Lake Balaton
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  • Hungarian goulash


School year

10  months August or September

Classic € 10.890 


5 months January or September

Classic € 9.790  


3 months  different departure dates

Classic € 8.390  

High School in Hungary

High School in Hungary is distributed between general secondary education schools (gimnázium) or secondary vocational education institutions (szakközépiskola). Often the same school provides both vocational and general education. Depending on your school results, your background and interests, you will be placed in one of the school types.

Hungarian schools offer many subjects, most of which are also mandatory. English and German are languages that are always given, but sometimes also Spanish, French or Italian. You can choose from the following subjects at school: mathematics, history, literature, biology, geography, chemistry, art and gym.

In the Hungarian schools, they value traditions that have to do with graduation and growing up. A few months before graduation, photos of the exam classes are taken in traditional clothing. In February, various graduation parties take place where they are given a ribbon  that they have to wear until the final exam. If they don’t, they won’t succeed. On the last day of school, the so-called ‘ballagás’ takes place: a farewell party in which the students walk through the school building singing in polonaise.

Sport & leisure

Hungary is known for its many hot springs, spas, villages and the Danube river, among other things. Lake Balaton is an ideal place for many water sports.

Football is by far the most popular sport in Hungary. Chess is also played with enthusiasm. There are many beautiful cities like Budapest and Pecs. But there are also many natural parks where you can cycle, hike or discover the many caves that exist there.

Young people in Hungary talk to their friends a lot, but they also like to listen to music, go to the movies or play games. Karaoke clubs are popular among young Hungarian  people!

Excursions and trips

Fancy combining your High School adventure with locally organised trips? That’s possible! These trips are optionally booked through our partner organisation in Hungary. Would you like more information? Please contact our office.

Costs: what is included and excluded?

Included in our price:

► A personal introductory meeting
► Good preparation and guidance
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► Preparatory weekend for participant
► Information afternoon for parents
into T-shirt
► Handbook for the participant
► Handbook for the parents
► Visa application advice and assistance
► Airport departure service
► Return ticket to the host country
► Orientation on arrival
► Reception at the final destination
►Transfers to the selected host family
► Accommodation with selected host family, including meals
► Placement at a local high school
► Local guidance and support throughout the stay abroad
► Assistance at home during participant’s stay abroad
► Emergency phone number: available 24 hours a day for questions/problems in the host country
► On request: personal contact with an into Returnee
► Welcome Home mailing
into participation certificate
► Progress reports for parents
► Participation in the into Returnee Club

Not included in our price:

► Pocket money and personal expenses; € 200,- / 250,- per month
► Vaccination costs (if any)
► Insurances: medical, accident, liability & luggage
► Excursions or trips organised locally by the organisation or school (optional)
► Local expenses (optional): school books, school uniform, school lunch, school transport, sports outfit and materials
► Possible change of plane ticket date (always in consultation with into)

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