Germany: Friendly people and close to home

Black Forest, Oktoberfest, Football 3, 5 or 10 months 15-17 years

An exchange in Germany is a very interesting adventure and even better because it’s close to home! Perfect to improve your German. But make no mistake about the beauty of our neighbour, a large country with a rich culture and an abundant nature.


Exchange Year in Germany 

From the coast to the north with its beautiful beaches and harbours, then further south to the fairytale Rhine Valley with its famous wines, all the way to the southern Bavarian Forest and the peaks of the Black Forest. Germany is also known for its folkloristic festivals. The Oktoberfest in Munich or the carnival in Cologne. During an exchange, you will immerse yourself in German culture and get to know it up close.

The residents of Germany are very proud of their country. They are very punctual, so don’t be late if you’ve arranged to meet someone. Germans are also very sociable and  they like to party, to visit other people and like to eat and drink with each other. At first they can be a bit distant, but if you get to know them you will quickly feel part of a rich culture.

Achterzijde van een jonge vrouw voor een rivier die een foto maakt van een kerk aan de andere kant


  • Different culture close to home
  • Prior language knowledge is not necessary
  • Oktoberfest and Carnival
  • Distinctive landscapes from the Bavarian Alps to the Black Forest and beaches in the north
  • Impressive historic towns and world-famous heritage
  • Christmas markets


    School year

    10 months, January or September

     € 11.980   


    5 months, January or September

    € 10.480


    3 months, different dates

    € 9.980

    High School in Germany

    Secondary education in Germany is divided into Sekundarstufe/Sekundarbereich I (ages 10 to 16) and a Sekundarstufe/Sekundarbereich II (ages 16 to 19). Most exchange students are placed in Sekundarstufe II.
     Students can usually choose a number of subjects in which to specialise in addition to other compulsory classes such as German and maths. You will often cycle to school or take public transport. School usually starts at 8am and lasts until 1.30pm.

    Sport and leisure

    During your exchange there are many opportunities to participate in sports, theatre or music clubs. Schools often organise extracurricular activities such as sports, theatre, choir or an orchestra. But you can also sign up with the local clubs in your hometown.

    Trips & Excursions

    Fancy combining your High School adventure with locally organised trips? That’s possible! These trips are optionally booked through our partner organisation. For more information, please contact our office.

    Costs: What is included and excluded?

    ► A personal introductory meeting
    ► Good preparation and guidance
    ► Into Newslinks
    ► Preparatory weekend for participant
    ► Information afternoon for parents
    ► Into T-shirt
    ► Handbook for the participant
    ► Handbook for the parents
    ► Visa application advice and assistance
    ► Airport departure service
    ► Return ticket to the host country
    ► Orientation on arrival
    ► Reception at the final destination
    ► Transfer to selected host family
    ► Accommodation with selected host family, including meals
    ► Placement at a local High School
    ► Local guidance and support throughout the stay abroad
    ► Assistance at home during participant’s stay abroad
    ► Emergency phone number: available 24 hours a day for questions/problems in the host country
    ► On request: personal contact with an Into Returnee
    ► Welcome Home mailing
    ► The Into participation certificate
    ► Progress reports for parents
    ► Participation in the Into Returnee Club

    Not included in our price:
    ► Pocket money and personal expenses; € 200,- / 250,- per month
    ► Vaccination costs (if any)
    ► Insurances: medical, accident, liability & luggage
    ► Excursions or trips organised locally by the organisation or school (optional)
    ► Local expenses (optional): school books, school uniform, school lunch, school transport, sports outfit and materials
    ► Possible change of plane ticket date (always in consultation with Into)


    Why chose into?


      • We have more than 40 years of experience
      • The excellence of our programs and the sense of responsibility of our partners prevail.
      • Our former exchange students are always there to support you at every moment.
      • into t-shirt
      • Initial personal meeting with the Manager in Malaga
      • Meetings with former into students