England: Fantastic nature and kind people

Fish & Chips, London, Pubs, Music, Nature, 3 or 5 months 16-18 years

Not far from home, but an unforgettable experience abroad? Consider the possibility of studying for 6 months at a high school in England!


Student exchange in England

Fish and chips, tea with milk or a typical English breakfast with eggs, sausages, tomatoes, baked beans and toast? This is the country of Harry Potter and typical English dry humor like Mr Bean.
In historical terms, England is a tremendously rich country. There are magnificent castles and palaces everywhere to visit with their large country gardens and elegant parks. There are beautiful coastal towns and large cities with their museums, art galleries, music and pubs. Once in London you will feel like you are in the center of the world with its River Thames, its amazing architecture, its history and its unique energy.

Because the United Kingdom is an island, there is a lot of beautiful countryside with pretty country villages to visit, and there are coasts and beaches to enjoy surfing or swimming in the sea. You will only be bothered by some seals in the distance or the lifeguard waiting on the beach. When it comes to culture and history, England tops the list with its buildings, some of which are thousands of years old. A visit to the city of London on the famous red buses is a must. If you decide to go on an exchange to England, you will have a great time in a vibrant and trendy country, with an amazing culture and incredible history.



Vijf lachende tienermeisjes op een treinperron in Engeland
Twee tienermeisjes staan bij de rivier de Theems met het Londen eye op de achtergrond
Vrouwelijke uitwisselingsstudent staat met haar gastmoeder voor de witte kliffen aan de Engelse kust



  •  3 day Welcome Camp London included

  • Optional excursions: to Oxford or Cambridge or Brighton

  • Typical English traditions

  • True British learning




    From September to January or January till  May
    Classic: 12.990 €

    First Trimester
    From September to December
    Classic: 10.790 €

    Second Trimester
    January till March
    Classic: 11.990 €



    High School in England


    In England students who are aged 13 to 15 years old must pass their GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) exams and take around 10 subjects. After the GCSE (an exam equivalent to the end of ESO) students continue studying to obtain their A-Levels or BTEC in the Sixth Form College. The majority of our exchange students are in the Sixth Form. These are the last 2 years of Baccalaureate/High School in which 3 or 4 subjects are taken.

    Sport and leisure

    In England not many extracurricular activities are organised after school, (just like in Spain), but you will be able to join a youth group or club in your host family’s neighbourhood. This will keep you active after class and will give you the opportunity to make even more English friends. There are clubs for almost everything: tennis, badmington, fencing, computing, dancing  and much more. The majority of English students go to school by public transport.

    England is also known for its traditions. For example, Christmas is very important and is celebrated in style. Already in September the first Christmas decorations and traditional Christmas markets appear.
    The world famous sport of football has conquered the entire world and the oldest football club in the world comes from England.




    Welcome Camp

    London Welcome Camp
    3 days full of action and exciting excursions

    2 nights in a hotel/hostel with other exchange students

    Preparation workshop

    Walking tour of London’s most famous landmarks

    Hop On Hop Off Tour of Central London

    Shopping on Oxford Street

    Relaxation in Hyde Park

    Visit to a musical/theater

    Transportation costs to host families


    Excursions and short trips

    You will have many opportunities to see England. Our exchange students from all over the world meet at the weekend and take optional excursions to many parts of England. These weekend trips are often organised spontaneously and when you ask the students what they have seen they often respond:  “Everything!”
    Into exchange students have our permission to take short trips in small groups to visit places of interest such as castles, ancient cities, and famous beaches like Brighton Beach, where many English film stars have their homes. A visit to London is also essential where you can see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, the London Dungeon, fantastic museums, fashion shops, Covent Garden market, incredible street musicians, and you can even visit Speakers Corner to listen to people standing on boxes shouting their opinions on English politics.

    Costs: What is included and excluded?


    Included in our price:
    ► A personal introductory meeting.
    ► Good preparation and orientation
    ► Preparation weekend for the participants
    ► Parent information evening
    Into T-Shirt
    ► Manual for the participant
    ► Manual for parents
    ► 3-day camp in London
    ► Airport service upon departure
    ► Round trip ticket to the host country
    ► Reception at the final destination
    ► Transfer to the selected host family
    ► Accommodation in the selected host family, including meals
    ► Placement at a local high school
    ► Local guidance and support throughout your stay abroad
    ► Emergency phone number available 24 hours a day 
    ► Upon request: personal contact with an Into returnee
    ► certificate of participation in into
    ► Progress reports for parents
    ► Participation in the into returnee club

    Not included in our price:
    ► Pocket money and personal expenses; € 250,- / 300,- per month
    ► Vaccination expenses (optional)
    ► Insurance: medical, accident and civil liability
    ► Optional excursions or trips organised locally 
    ► Visa fees (optional)
    ► Local expenses (optional): textbooks, school uniform, school lunch, school transportation, sports equipment and supplies
    ► Possible change of date of the plane ticket (always after consultation with into)





    Why chose into?


    • We have more than 40 years of experience
    • The excellence of our programs and the sense of responsibility of our partners prevail.
    • Our returnees are always there to support you at every moment.
    • into t-shirt
    • Initial and individualized meeting with the Manager in Malaga
    • Meetings with other into returnees