Canada: Natural beauty and quality of life

Majestic landscapes, winter sports, excellent educational system – 4 or 10 months, 14-19 years


Amazing nature with a varied climate and real winters and a tremendously welcoming population with a multitude of cultures that will soon make you feel at home. Welcome to the second largest country in the world, Canada!​


Exchange Year in Canada

Studying in Canada means having access to beautiful ski resorts and a wide variety of outdoor activities in both summer and winter. In Canada you will find Niagara Falls, glaciers, Rocky Mountains and, of course, brown bears. The country also has numerous wonderful national parks.

The level of education in Canada is considered one of the best in the world and special attention is paid to the personal development of each student, who has an important role in the choice of their own subjects.

Since Canadians are so friendly, you will immediately feel at home with your host family. In addition, throughout your studies in Canada, your English will improve quickly.

Twee vrouwelijke tieners arm in arm zittend voor een meer met wolkenkrabbers op de achtergrond



  • Welcome camp in Toronto (subject to availability)
  • Numerous winter sports to choose from
  • Wide range of academic subjects 
  • Optional and/or inclusive trips
  • Possibility of a French-speaking program




School year
10 months August or September

Classic: € 23,980 , Select price on request
5 months January or September

Classic: € 16,980  Select price on request
3 months January or September

Classic: 13,980   Select price on request

Canada Classic

In this program you will be taken by surprise! You will stay with a host family that has chosen you. You will attend a local institute and experience authentic Canadian life. We place students all over Canada and we have good experience in all areas. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Canada Select

With this program you choose the school district where your institute is located. School districts are located in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Saskatchewan. If you want to know more about the different provinces and their districts, download our information brochure about Canada here.

At into we work directly with these schools, without intermediaries, so that we can ensure personal and efficient communication and make your dream exchange programme come true.

You can choose a district by its location, by what the schools offer in terms of subjects, sports and other activities, or by the size of the school you are interested in. For an up-to-date overview, please contact our office.

Both the school and your host family will receive an allowance for you as an exchange student. However, the selection of host families is based on their vision of the world and their cultures. Our families are proud of their country and would like to show their own way of life to others. This is the reason why they open their doors to an exchange student and accept him in his family.

Voor tieners vanaf de achterkant wijzend naar een reeks hoge bergen op de achtergrond
Female teenager in front of city wearing blue t'shirt with Into logo
High School diploma in Canada

In Canada, the quality of teaching is very good. A lot of attention is paid to each student’s personal development. Most schools start around 8 in the morning and end at 2.30 in the afternoon. In addition to a series of compulsory subjects (including English and mathematics), you also have the opportunity to take subjects that you do not usually study . For example, you can choose between psychology, photography, earth sciences, design and tourism. The range of subjects varies according to the school, partly due to the size of the institute.

The school year consists of two semesters. The first semester begins in September and the second in January/February. The Canadian secondary education system lasts 12 years and, as an exchange student, you will be placed in the 10º, 11º or 12º “grade”. An hour of class lasts from 45 to 60 minutes on average and then the classroom is changed for the next subject.

Sports and free-time

After class you can participate in various clubs and sports. Among the most popular sports are American football, soccer, rugby, ice hockey, tennis, cross-country and alpine skiing, snowboarding, volleyball, basketball, badminton, athletics and cross-country races.

Your Canadian host family will most likely go out on a regular basis to enjoy everything nature has to offer: hiking, fishing, cycling or skiing are just a few examples.

Welcome Camp

Participants in our program to Canada begin their exchange year with a fun orientation in Toronto. It is an unforgettable start to your exchange adventure and you will enjoy the Camp along with other European students.

During the camp, you will participate in interesting workshops and visit many fun places in Toronto and its surroundings such as Chinatown, the International Hockey Museum, the Toronto Waterfront and CN Tower.

Excursions and short trips

Would you like to combine your high school adventure with locally organized trips? Well, yes. These trips can be booked through our partner organization in Canada. Do you want more information? Please contact our office.

Costs: What is included and excluded

Included in our price:
► A personal introductory meeting.
► Orientation weekend for the participants
► Parent information evening
Into t-shirt
► Manual for the participants
► Manual for parents
► Advice and assistance for visa application
► Airport departure service
► Round trip ticket to the host country
► Welcome camp in Toronto
► Reception at the final destination
► Transfer to the selected host family
► Accommodation with the selected host family, including meals
► Placement in a local secondary school
► Local guidance and support throughout your stay abroad
► Assistance at home during the participant’s stay abroad
► Emergency phone number available 24 hours a day 
► contact with a former student from Into 
► certificate of participation in Into
► Progress reports for parents
► Participation in the Into alumni club.

►Insurance: medical, accident and civil liability

Not included in our price:
► Administrative fee at the time of registration of €100.
► Pocket money and personal expenses; € 200,- / 250,- per month
► Vaccination expenses
► Excursions or trips organized locally by the organization or school (optional)
► Visa costs
► Local expenses (optional): textbooks, school uniform, school lunch, school transportation, sports equipment and supplies
► Possible change of plane ticket (always after consultation with Into)

Why chose into

  • We have more than 40 years of experience

  • The excellence of our programs and the responsibility of our partners prevail.

  • Our returnees are always there to support you at all times.

  • T-shirt into

  • Initial and individual meeting with the Manager in Malaga

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