Australia: on the other side of the world

Graduation prom, sports, friendship, 5 or 10 months for 15-19 year olds

Studying at a high school in Australia is the opportunity of a lifetime on the other side of the world. There is almost always sunshine, friendly people, kangaroos hopping everywhere, the Great Barrier Reef and many more unique experiences to be had.


A year in Australia

An exchange year spent studying in Australia is one of our most popular programmes thanks to the combination of high quality education and a unique lifestyle. As an international student, you can choose from a wide range of subjects at different levels. The Australian government controls the quality of all its high schools.

As well as enjoying this excellent standard of education and a student life full of activities and experiences with other international students, you will discover a unique continent known for the diversity of its landscapes and nature. Due to its isolated location, Australia is home to many plants and animals that you won’t find anywhere else in the world: crocodiles, sharks, snakes, koalas and of course kangaroos. You will also find the most beautiful beaches in the world and also some of the best cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Australians have a very relaxed lifestyle.  They are very friendly people and love to spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities. In the summer they often organise beach parties and barbecues, and even in the winter months they like to sit on a café terrace and enjoy the winter sunshine.



  • Welcome Camp in Sydney
  • Study on the other side of the world
  • Enjoy the wonderful climate and extraordinary wildlife
  • Spend Christmas in a bikini or a swimming costume
  • Participate in many sports and outdoor activities


School year
January or July: 10 months
Classic: 14.990 euros
Select: price on request
January, April or July: 5 months
Classic: 13.490 euros
Select: price on request



In Australia we have two programmes: the Classic and the Select. The Classic programme is only suitable for students who do not yet have a baccalaureate degree. The Select programme is suitable for students with or without a diploma. See below for options.

Australia Classic

You can only participate in the Classic program if you have not yet finished high school. If you choose the Classic program, you will be able to be placed anywhere in Australia because your host family will choose you based on your individual profile and you will attend a local institute near your new home.

Australia Select

►The Select program is suitable for students with or without a high school diploma. With the Select program, you can choose your own region in Australia and we will find you a host family in this location. Are you going for a full school year or half a year? Everything is possible.

You can choose between the following regions:
►Queensland: Virgin beaches, tropical islands, lush jungles, vibrant cities and the authentic Australian Outback. Queensland is an excellent destination for a student exchange. Known as Australia’s Sunshine State, Queensland offers endless wonderful experiences and you will return home with unforgettable memories.
►New South Wales: New South Wales is the most diverse state in Australia and perhaps the most recognized. New South Wales is home to Australia’s largest and most iconic city, Sydney, with its famous Opera House and Harbor Bridge. Sydney is surrounded by national parks, forests, mountains, ancient river valleys and historic cities.
►Victoria: Victoria is the second smallest state in Australia, with an area of 227,600 square kilometers, approximately the size of the British Isles. Despite its small size, Victoria has a varied climate and the north is much drier and warmer than the south. Melbourne is the capital and is a rich cultural, environmental and administrative center. 
►South Australia: the capital of South Australia is Adelaide and it has a multitude of festivals, a vibrant music scene, galleries, design and fashion, theatres and beautiful architecture. The average temperature in winter is 15 degrees Celsius. With around 2,500 hours of sunshine a year, South Australians can live outdoors almost all year round.
►Tasmania: Tasmania is an island with beautiful scenery, friendly people, delicious food, a rich history and a relaxed island lifestyle. The nearest continent is Antarctica. Tasmania has an area of 90,758 km², which means it only takes a few hours to get everywhere on the island. Hobart is the capital and is surrounded by numerous national parks and natural areas, where you can see remains of the supercontinent Gondwana. In addition, some of its beautiful landscapes are Cradle Mountain, Freycinet and Maria Island. Tasmania has more than 2,000 km of hiking trails and 18 national parks. 

After choosing the geographical area where you would like to study , you can choose from among several well-regarded high schools. You can choose your school by its location, size, number of students, school subjects, sports or other activities. For any questions or to obtain an updated overview, contact our office in Malaga.

Both the school and the host family receive an allowance for you as an exchange student. They are proud of their country and their institutes and they like to teach their way of life to others. This is the reason why they open their doors to an international student and accept them into their family.

High School in Australia

High School in Australia

The Australian school system is well considered, is of a high level and offers many extracurricular activities. The school year begins in February and ends in December. It is divided into four quarters of eight weeks each. At Christmas there are six weeks of vacation.

You have to take some compulsory subjects, such as English, history and at least one more, such as mathematics or chemistry. You can also choose from many other subjects and extracurricular activities. They usually place you in the 11º course because in the 12º exams are mostly done. In most schools, school uniforms are still worn.

Sports and leisure

Sport is taken very seriously in the Australian school. During the school year, many competitions are held in which teams from different schools face each other.

In everyday life, hobbies and sports occupy an important place. The popularity of sports can vary depending on the region. In general, swimming, rugby, cricket, hockey, basketball, soccer and Australian football are especially popular. In addition to sports, you can also opt for other activities, such as music classes. As in Spain, you can join a sports club.

Welcome camp

The Welcome Camp in Sydney is a unique start to your program and a chance for you and other students to get to know the host country for the coming months. An incredibly fun start to your exchange!

Excursions and trips

Would you like to combine your adventure at the High School with locally organised trips? Well, yes. These trips can be booked through our partner organisation in Australia. Do you want more information? Get in touch with our office.

Costs: What is included and excluded?

 Included in our price:

►A personal introductory meeting

►Good preparation and guidance

into newsletter

►Preparatory weekend for participants

►Information afternoon for parents

into T-shirt

►Manual for the participant

►Manual for parents

►Advice and assistance for the visa application

►Airport departure service

►Ticket to and from the destination country

►Welcome camp in Sydney

►Reception at the final destination

►Transfer to the selected host family

►Accommodation with the selected host family, including meals

►Placement in a local high school

►Local guidance and support throughout the stay abroad

►Support at home during the participant’s stay abroad

►Emergency phone number: available 24 hours a day for questions/problems in the destination country

►At the request of the interested party: personal contact with an into returnee

►Welcome home mail

►Certificate of participation in into

► Progress reports for parents

►Participation in the club of into former students .

►Insurance: medical, accident, civil liability

Not included in our price:

►Administrative fee at the time of enrolment of €100.

►Pocket money and personal expenses; 200,- € / 250,- per month

►Vaccination expenses

►Visa expenses

►Excursions or trips organised locally by the organisation or school (optional)

►Spending on site (optional): textbooks, school lunch, sports exam, attire and sports equipment

►Any change of the date of the plane ticket (always after consultation with Into)

Why choose into?

  • We have more than 40 years of experience
  • The excellence of our programs and the sense of responsibility of our partners prevail.
  • Our former exchange students are always there to support you at every moment.
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  • Initial personal meeting with the Manager in Malaga
  • Meetings with former into students